If you are bad about locking yourself out of your home I suggest this type of lock. It has many user codes and has been reliable and trouble free for me. 

Lock Basics: Locks come in many functions. Entry, Storeroom, Classroom, Passage, and Privacy. Locks can be knobs or levers and can come in many colors. Locks also come in Different grades; residential, commercial, and industrial.

     Entry function is a lock that can be locked and unlocked with a key on the outside and a thumb turn or button on the inside.

     Storeroom function has a key hole on the outside and is always locked on the outside and is always unlocked on the inside.

     Classroom function can be locked and unlocked with a key only but is always unlocked on the inside.

     Passage locks are always unlocked and do not have a key.

     Privacy locks can be locked but use a simple tool to unlock them.

     Residential grade locks are grade 3 locks and are the lightest grade of locks that are used in most homes. These locks can be very cheep and flimsy depending on the maker. Kwikset and Schlage are the most popular. 

     Commercial grade 2 locks are for light commercial use. many homes also use grade 2 because they tend to hold up better with high use doors. They are built heavier and are designed for more openings.

     Industrial grade 1 locks are made for heavy use and are used in hospitals and heavy commercial use. the have heavy duty springs and are usually not uses in residential use due to their cost and appearance.

Keyways: Different locks use different keyways. the most common is SC1 and KW1 for Schlage and Kwikset. most grade 2 or 1 can have a variety of keyways depending on the  needs. If the customer wants the keys to be easy to duplicate they would want a common keyway such as Kwikset or Schlage. If the customer wants the key secure without unauthorized duplicates. a restricted keyway may be in order.

     No mater what the need call Lock Doc and we can find a solution for you.

Residential re-keys: home owners choose to rekey their locks to prevent previous key holders from gaining entry into their home. If you have purchased a newly built home, it may be wise to re-key the locks to ensure that contractors and construction crews no longer have access to your home.

Deadbolt and Door knob sales and installations: Our locks range from keyed to the latest in keyless entry locks, and are custom installed.

Biometric Locks: Access your home with the power of your unique fingerprint! This innovative lock option alleviates the worries of forgetting or losing your keys, It also eliminates the chances of a stranger observing your push-button code. Most models allow for 10 or more fingerprints to be programmed into the unit.

Sliding glass door security: Sliding glass doors are often a weak point in home security – Lock Doc can help!

Peepholes: We offer and install a variety of peepholes, from the smaller type commonly found on a hotel doors, to larger models that allow the resident to stand back (as far as 6 feet) from the door to view the person on the other side.

Emergency Unlock services: It happens to the best of us – when it happens to you, call Lock Doc to the rescue!