Lock Doc uses the newest code cutting high security key machines! Click on the link below to see how my machine works. 

Lock Doc uses special picks that allows us to decode your lock and make keys without disassembling your lock on many vehicles. 



Richard Belfield, owner of Lock Doc, learned automotive locks while working in Pensacola with a large locksmith company and later improved the skills in his first locksmith company here in Baldwin county. Our automotive locksmith services include:

Emergency unlocks: Don't be embarrassed everyone locks there keys in there vehicle at some point. Some Automakers claim there cars will not allow it. We have unlocked keys out of them as well.

Trunk unlocks: We can open trunk locks. even high security locks using the latest Lishi picks.

Lost Keys: Has the beach eaten your keys? You are not the first! We can help! We originate keys for cars. Call for a quote. Lock Doc is equipped to make most keys. 

Transponder and High security keys: If you have been told you can only get a key from your dealership – give us a call! We are able to cut and program transponder and high security keys.

Keyless entry and remotes: If your vehicle is equipped with the “keyless entry” option we can replace and program your fob or remote.

Ignition repair or replacement: Parts wear down over time. If your ignition isn’t working, we can diagnose the problem and correct it.

Re-keying of automotive locks: If your keys have been lost or stolen, we are able to re-key your automotive locks, so that previous keys will not work!

Key Extractions: If your key breaks in the lock or ignition, give us a call! We can extract the key and provide you with a “factory cut” replacement key.

Steering wheel unlocks: There are several factors that come into play when a steering wheel becomes locked. We can help!